Jeremy Geffen Presents Jacob Latimore’s New Single “You Come First”

Geffen Management Group is proud to announce that burgeoning R&B superstar Jacob Latimore has just released his new smash single “You Come First” to tremendous critical acclaim. The 16-year-old singer has been called the next Usher. “Jacob is blowing up. He can sing, dance and act. He truly has the talent that you see once in a lifetime” according to his manager Jeremy Geffen, who has represented such industry heavyweights such as Bone Thugs N’ Harmony, D12, Mel B, P Diddy and Ron Artest.


Considering the stage his second home, the 16 year old with a seasoned voice declares, “I love performing, this is what I do. I am not forced to do this; I do it because I love it.”

Surrounded by music since birth, Jacob’s father and uncles make up the inspirational quartet The Latimore Brothers. By the time the singer/dancer turned 9-years old, the Milwaukee native knew he wanted to pursue a career in the music business. Developing a serious discipline for the art of dance, young Jacob studied and emulated the choreography of The Temptations and boy band group B2K. Moving forward with his parents’ full support Jacob teamed with local Milwaukee producers to produce his first song “Best Friend,” which was featured on Radio Disney’s incubator station that profiles young artist around the country.

In order to keep his music career on the fast track, Jacob relocated to Atlanta in 2007. Immediately going to work, Jacob’s team set up a premiere showcase to introduce him to the Atlanta music scene, executives and tastemakers. The showcase not only attracted Grammy award winning producer Rodney Jerkins and R&B singer Lloyd, but introduced him to producers Corna Boys and Rico Love, who produced his viral single “Superstar” that charted on Billboard R&B and Hip Hop Sales Charts.

In 2010, Jacob, with the help of a viral video performance, caught the eye of RCA Records A&R, Wayne Williams. Members of the RCA staff were also left in awe by his charismatic personality and astonishing voice that instantly answered the question of whether the young teen has star power. Jacob was immediately signed to the label and brought along powerhouse manager Jeremy Geffen.

Jacob’s first single “Like ‘Em All” featuring Diggy Simmons and produced by Infinity, is an up-tempo track in which Jacob and Diggy let the girls know that they’re beautiful despite their flaws.

Jacob’s talents continue to solidify him as a triple threat. After being discovered by talent agent Joy Pervis (Dakota Fanning & Lucas Till) in 2008, Jacob booked several commercials and voiceovers. Jacob’s first lead role came in early 2011 with feature film Vanishing on 7th Street starring Hayden Christensen and Thandie Newton.

Already receiving rave reviews for his performance, one film critic suggests, “audiences are treated to newcomer Jacob Latimore who is nothing short of fantastic. In bringing braveness and vulnerability to the role of a 12-year old boy, Latimore is in many ways the true hero of the film.

Between recording, dancing, acting and touring, Jacob Latimore, is making all the right moves to cover all basis of the entertainment business. “This is what I was born to do,” he declares. Jacob is currently working on his debut album scheduled for release in 2012, after his first single released “You Come First”.


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5 Things To Know About Music Publishing From Jeremy Geffen

  1. Try to do an administrative deal, not co-publishing deal. (retain all your rights)
  2. it is the main source of revenue that works like an annuity down the road
  3. Find a  good person to push your material to artists/record labels
  4. If you believe the song you wrote is a hit, make sure it is recorded by the best possible artist
  5. Make sure your songs are registered properly


Music Manager Jeremy Geffen Gives Advice To New Artists Making Their Music Demo

The first step towards landing a record deal is often the “music demo” or “demo tape”. This music demo is a representation of who you are and what you can do, what makes you special and why the record companies need to sign you to a record deal and invest millions of dollars.

The music demo is your product. When approaching record companies, management companies, music producers and talent agencies, your music demo will be the first thing that they ask for. If it’s hot stuff, they will consider working with you in some capacity or at least keeping their door open for future consideration. If your music demo sounds like crap, you can bet that their door will close to you and remain closed to you.

So what do record companies look for when evaluating a music demo? While the details may vary from person to person, one thing that they all have in common is that the music needs to move them emotionally. They have to “feel it”. But with hundreds of music demos coming across their desk, they don’t have the time to wait until the second chorus to see if they like it or not.

About 95% or more of the music demos received by management companies, music production companies, music producers and record companies, are of such poor quality that often the music demo will be rejected within the first 10 seconds simply on that basis.

It’s often the job of the assistant to weed through the piles of music demos and separate the quality ones from the poorly produced, poorly recorded ones.

You have to be heard within the right context
If the sonic quality of your music demo or demo tape is acceptable, then the person you’re trying to impress may now be willing to listen to at least a verse and chorus. But you must sound legit.

If you’re an R&B singer, but you’re singing against a music track that’s country, your singing won’t be heard against the proper backdrop and most likely will be rejected before they reach the chorus. Another example might be a female Pop/R&B singer trying to sing against a big, loud hard rock band, or a country artist trying to sing against a dance track. While the singers might be good in each case, they will sound “wrong” to whoever might be listening.

The music must complement the vocals. The subtleties of each style of singing must be enhanced by the appropriate musical arrangement and production.

About Jeremy Geffen:


With more than 12 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Jeremy Geffen holds a position as President of Los Angeles-based Geffen Management Group. Jeremy has worked with with some of the most succesfful acts in the entertainment indusrtyry., management, and consulting. He has helped to guide the careers of many major artists, including D12, Three 6 Mafia, and Sisqo. Currently he manages talented artists such as Ron Artest, ex-Spice Girl Mel and teen singer/actor Jacob Latimore with Larry Rudolph, Britney Spears’ manager. Geffen is working on numerous television and film projects, including one with major studio backing in collaboration with Roddenberry Productions.